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plots BLOCK 17 - LOT 2<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 17 - LOT 3<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 17 - LOT 4<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 17 - LOT 5<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 18 - LOT 5<br>396m²<br>$ 22,000 BLOCK 18 - LOT 6<br>396m²<br>$ 22,000 BLOCK 18 - LOT 19<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 18 - LOT 18<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 18 - LOTS 7,8,9,10,11,12 & 13<br>3200m²<br>$ 180,000 BLOCK 20 - LOT 30<br>396m²<br>SOLD BLOCK 31 - LOT 14<br>396m²<br>SOLD BLOCK 31 - LOT 30<br>396m²<br>SOLD BLOCK 32 - LOT 6<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 32 - LOT 22<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 35 - LOT 27<br>396m²<br>RESERVED BLOCK 47 - LOT 32<br>396m²<br>SOLD

Fortim is a beautiful fishing village with some very expensive homes already based on the riverbanks just minutes away from this development. Fortim enjoys year round sun and is located only 1 hour from city and International Airport of Fortaleza. Further it is located only 15 minutes from the brand new International Airport of Aracati that just opened. This is an area undergoing enormous growth and international exposure. It has already been chosen as the preferred beach for wealthy Brazilians and is now being populated by foreign investors and developers.

A Spanish Resort Developer Fide S.A. have commenced developing a 350,000,000 Euro golf, 5 star Hotel and marina project with over 300 hectares next to this development. Fortim as well as being a world class beach location is well positioned to other exciting destinations such as the exciting nightlife and lively beaches of Canoa Quebrada.

A charming luxury boutique hotel has recently opened at the entrance of this project called Vila Selvagem Hotel.

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